Welcome to Yoga Rx

For bodies that have lived a little

Physical Therapist, Yoga Teacher

Do you have a sneaking suspicion that yoga would be good for you?

But maybe with your injury history you're not quite sure how to start, or who to trust.

I'm Patricia, Physical Therapist and Yoga teacher, and I've created Yoga Rx just for you.

Yoga Rx is designed to help:

Supplement the healing process 

Prevent injury 

Improve performance, energy, and vitality

Yoga Rx: put injury behind you and age with grace.



Introductory Special

1-hour Session $125

package discounts available

All private sessions are one-on-one with a licensed Physical Therapist. 

Private Session benefits:

  • Tailored specifically to your goals
  • Less intimidating for new students as compared to a group class
  • Designed to work through and around any current or past injuries
  • Individualized to get you results faster



Yoga For runners

returns this fall


Workshops are one-time 1.5-2 hour classes that allow for extra time to get into the specifics of pose benefits and variations for different populations.

  • Learn the poses
  • Understand when and how to use which poses for optimal benefit
  • Learn to modify poses for your body and needs

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Small Group Class

6 week session





Yoga Rx Progression: 

  • Spinal mobility
  • Core stability
  • Happy Hips 1
  • Happy Hips 2
  • Shoulder health/Posture
  • Balance and mindfulness 

Max of 8 participants

Individualized modifications offered

All levels welcome 

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What's the best way to start?

Our primary concern is your health.  
The following criteria will help you know the best starting point for you.  

Private Sessions are for you when:

  • You are managing significant pain or movement restrictions and feel most comfortable with one-on-one attention
  • You are managing a chronic condition (osteoarthritis, back pain, degenerative discs, etc) and feel most comfortable with individualized attention   
  • You are unsure about/uncomfortable with keeping up with a group class

Workshops are for you:

  • If you are eager to learn more about yoga in order to improve longevity and performance in a specific activity
  • When you want more information and tools for a specific condition
  • If you are short on time and cannot commit to ongoing classes/lessons.

Group classes are for you when:

  • You can safely and independently get to and from the floor, bear weight through knees and hands, and balance on one leg. 
  • You are able to independently manage any mobility or other movement restrictions (such as those listed above), and are familiar with yoga 
  • Looking for prevention strategies to support an active lifestyle, and/or as ongoing post-rehabilitation support and progression.

Get Started Today!

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