Welcome to Yoga Rx

Therapeutic, performance-based movement for all bodies 

Physical Therapist, Yoga Teacher

Yoga, like any other exercise, is a series of movements that can offer tremendous benefit to your body...

when applied correctly!

I'm Patricia, Physical Therapist and Yoga teacher, and I've created Yoga Rx to help you do just that.

Together we will explore how yoga can help you:

Supplement the healing process 

Prevent injury  

Improve performance, fitness, and vitality

Yoga Rx: aging with grace.

Jack LoPresti

Head Coach - Divine Savior Holy Angels Track & Field

Thanks to Patricia and the sessions she lead us in we experienced increased team core strength and a dramatic decrease in injuries.  Patricia's work with us helped our team get to another level both mentally and physically.



1-hour Session $125

virtual privates offered during

covid crisis

All private sessions are one-on-one with a licensed Physical Therapist and can be done at your home or on location in Wauwatosa.  

Private Session benefits:

  • Individualized pose selection with medical supervision keeps you safe
  • Learn how to use props to maximize pose benefits
  • Learn modifications specific to your body's needs
  • Faster results






Workshops are a deep dive opportunity to focus on one topic.  

Topics offered include postpartum healing, back pain, runner's clinics, and sports injury prevention in teen athletes

Public workshops are held 2-3x/year and will be announced here.

Private workshops for your friends, employees, or sports team are available.

Click below to request more information

Small Group Class

Tuesdays at tosa yoga

mat fusion


gentle yoga


first class $10

Mat Fusion is a strength-based class while Gentle yoga focuses on therapeutic mobility, balance, and posture.  

Both classes include elements of: 

  • Spinal mobility
  • Core stability
  • Joint mobility
  • Posture
  • Balance and mindfulness 

 Modifications offered

Drop-ins are welcome. 

*1st class is $10*

**Covid update: Tosa yoga is currently closed**

I can now put my bra on like a regular person instead of an old lady!

-Julie Ford,

Owner, speaker, coach @Julz of Life 

What's the best way to start?

Our primary concern is your safety.  
The following criteria will help you know where to start your yoga journey.  

Private Sessions are for you when:

  • You have acute pain or a new injury.
  • You are a beginner looking to Yoga to help manage a chronic condition (arthritis, back pain, rotator cuff tear, etc) 
  • You value the privacy and efficiency of 1:1 attention on your goals

Workshops are for you when:

  • The topic offered is of interest/personal relevance
  • You are short on time and cannot commit to ongoing sessions.

Group classes are for you when:

  • You can safely and independently get to and from the floor, bear weight through knees and hands, and balance on one leg. 
  • You are familiar with yoga and not in acute pain
  • You are familiar with yoga and would like ongoing post-rehabilitation support and progression.

Get Started Today!

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Not ready to commit yet?  No problem.  Simply leave us your name and email address to stay informed and get the newest workshop and small group class announcements.  

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