Hi, I'm Patricia, 
I help active people stay active, prevent injury, and age gracefully

Reclaim your body, feel young again, and have the energy to do anything you want in life.

With expert instruction it's all possible, and it doesn't take hours of your time.

Imagine feeling strong, mobile, and youthful every day.

Our unique approach combines
*Physical Therapy
*Strength and conditioning
so that you can achieve all of this and more

The research is clear, if you're looking for one tool to improve the quality of your life, you need  


But what's the best way to get moving?  Where do you start?  And what if you're body is less than perfect??  


We've got you covered.

You're beyond Physical Therapy, but need something a bit more customized than mainstream fitness programs.  

You don't need hours of body-punishing workouts. When you have a plan and the right guidance you transform your body, your mind, and your life in minutes.  

I invite you to find the secret to longevity with

Fitness Rx

Yoga is helping me manage my chronic pain and fibromyalgia.  I want to stay active and keep up with my grandkids, and yoga is giving me the energy to do that while at the same time taking care of my body, especially my spine.  I appreciate Patty's calm demeanor and her style.

A.L - age 57, retired 

Problems We Solve

With a background in Physical Therapy, Strength and Conditioning, and Yoga, we address your body in a unique way.  

Common conditions we work with include: 

  • Low back pain
  • Hip pain/tightness
  • Core weakness/dysfunction
  • Post-surgical fitness (including back surgery, hip/knee replacements, ACL reconstruction, meniscus surgery, bunionectomy, etc)
  • Neck pain/tension
  • Stress urinary incontinence (leakage with coughing/s/jumping/running)
  • Postpartum conditioning and Diastasis Recti healing
  • Post-cancer fitness
  • Athletic injury prevention (teen & adult)
  • Arthritis and other aging-related aches/pains/stiffness
  • Fall prevention & balance training 

You may have had Physical Therapy in the past, and you may be following an exercise routine currently...

But are you getting the results you are looking for?  

I invite you to see why this unique approach can take you further:

Core First 

Fluid movement and improved performance all comes from a strong and coordinated center. Emphasis is placed on ensuring the correct core integration strategies are in place, then optimizing core function, strength, and endurance for safer and more efficient movement.


In Physical Therapy our motto is "proximal stability for distal mobility." This means once we've achieved a stable base we can work on achieving optimal mobility in all our joints.  Go beyond what you know about stretching and learn mobility exercises that target the areas you need the most.

Form & Function

You will get a combination of upper, lower, and total body strengthening workouts tailored to your body with the intended purpose of improving your form for better function in life.  Run faster, jump without leaking, and lift your kids or grandkids without thinking twice. Expert instruction and supervision ensures your safety.


Each program starts with a therapeutic grade of movement designed to help you understand where you at with your body, and offer you a space for safe progression.   Workouts infuse the best of therapeutic exercise, yoga, and fitness to help you bridge the gap from rehab to greatness. Rebuild your body with confidence.

Let's Talk About your body

Do you ever wonder what the heck happened to your body?

Was it having kids?  Was it that back injury?  Is it aging?? 

Whether it's little things like hip stiffness and knee pain when you run, or big things like pregnancy or a car, sometimes we feel like we have lost control of our body.

Whatever your situation, what if I told you you can absolutely make it better? 

You don't need hours a day, but consistency is important, and that's where our unique approach come in!

Research has shown that yoga aids in preventing and treating low back and neck pain, improves brain function, lowers cancer risk, and lengthens your lifespan...what are you waiting for?  

What Others Say


Patricia is inspiring, fun, and knowledgeable. She has the medical exercise and nutrition background that helps me work on the whole package.  She challenges me to move out of my comofort zone, but is also realistic about meeting me where I am and celebrating the littlest accomplishments.  She offers something for everyone.  I love the yoga with weights and other programs targeted to help with strengthening and aligning certain parts of the body.  

Kathryn Woodward


I can now put my bra on like a regular person instead of an old lady.  Patricia's calm and relatable demeanor keeps me coming back to the workouts.  Patricia's vast knowledge of the human body, give me mental and physical "Ah-Ha's" each time I do a workout with her. The support I have been given 1:1 when I ask a question makes me feel like I have a personal guide at home (I do!).  Since starting these practices, I've increased flexibility and strength, and I'm needing fewer and fewer adjustments at the chiropractor.

Julie Ford 


After a car accident and multiple rounds of Physical Therapy, I need to be careful with my body.  I was drawn to Patricia's programs because I knew I would be safe with a Physical Therapist designing each practice.  I love that my home program is quick and supports, as well as challenges, my body.  Adding this specialized yoga into my routine has helped me feel like me again.

Suzie Leinfelder

Let's Talk Bonuses


Having a Physical Therapist design a comprehensive fitness and wellness program is different from anything you can get at the gym.

You'll get the best of Physical Therapy exercises, traditional fitness, and yoga in a systematic series that is customized to your body and your life.

AND you'll get 1:1 expert guidance and support from a Physical Therapist. 

  • No more wasting time scouring youtube, this is an opportunity to get exactly what you need to stay strong and active.
  • No more wasting time on exercise that isn't serving you. Here you can work smarter, not harder. More is not always better!
  • No more guesswork on what is holding you back.  When you work through this program you'll discover any weak links and simultaneously be given the tools to reverse them.

I'll leave you with this - from those who have worked with me the most common phrase I hear is:

"I only wish I started sooner!"

Why put off the living the life you were meant to live?  Your time is now. 

Choose your path, and let's get started!


Professionally, I am a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and Registered Yoga Teacher.  I have been teaching clients safe movement through exercise and yoga for over 15 years.


My mission is to help you take back control of your body and your life.

I believe in the power of yoga, prevention, intention, and good food.

I believe that "moderation" and "all things in balance" really means that you are living a life that makes you happy.

My clients are feeling younger with every practice. They find improvements in mobility after only 15 minutes, and they are doing things they haven't done in a long time.  

Exercise should be transformative and empowering, and I am so looking forward to guiding you towards the best version of yourself!

Move Better, Prevent Injury,
Optimize your Life

Your Optimal Body

Now is your time and this is your sign!  Reclaim your youth and start living!

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