Private Physical Therapy and Lifestyle Medicine 

Who We Serve

Are you a busy professional who can't imagine finding an extra hour to make an appointment to address your physical issues?

Are you more interested in finding the cause of your symptoms than getting a prescription to mask them?

Are you anxious to get back to your life without pain or restrictions?

We might just be the perfect fit for one another. 

Who We Are

A Dr. of Physical Therapy with over 15 years of experience, Patricia has a passion for taking the Physical Therapy profession to the next level.

Our mission at the Wellness Concierge is find the underlying cause of your pain or mobility limitations, fix the kinks in the chain, and facilitate longevity through continued preventative wellness.

Our medical system is changing.

Providers are pressed to spend less time with more patients, yet fulfill more documentation requirements.  

Through adopting a “concierge” model,  we can dedicate as much time as week need with our clients.   

Our clients benefit from comprehensive, integrative home education programs that include components of exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness.

What Our Patients Have to Say

I appreciate that Patricia can come to my home for physical therapy.  As a busy professional who doesn't have time to travel to another appointment, having her come to me is a huge benefit.  Patricia is caring, patient and reliable.  Her expertise, character, and the convenience make her an indispensable part of my recovery.

Tonit Calaway, Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, BorgWarner Inc.

As a person facing breast cancer 6 years ago, and now bone cancer, having Patricia continue to help me move and strengthen my body makes a big difference in how I feel and what I am able to do.  Patricia is extremely knowledgeable in so many areas, and has a wonderful way of motivating me to keep moving without putting a lot of pressure on me.  I am so lucky she can come to the house.  Patricia has become a close and treasured friend and partner.

Pam J, Survivor

Make Your Appointment Today

As a physical therapist I am trained to get to uncover the cause of your symptoms so that you can move on with life without physical stress.  Physical therapy is a safe and effective alternative to medications and even surgery.  Our vision statement from the APTA is:

"Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience"

I offer personalized, creative and proactive solutions to enhance your health and wellness.  I would love to show you how physical therapy can make your life better by maximizing your wellness potential inside and out.  I look forward to partnering with you!

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