Hi, I’m Patricia, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Yoga instructor, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Nutrition Coach…Wellness Concierge.

I believe that the human body is a complex, beautiful, amazing thing that is a lot smarter than we understand.  My mission is to help you find the right tools to support your body’s innate ability to heal itself and find optimal health.

I know how scary it can be to have your body turn on you.  Living in fear of making things worse, doubting your choices, and feeling trapped in a cycle of limitation is overwhelming and frustrating.

I have been working with clients for over 15 years, and have heard all the struggles.  The excess weight slowing you down and creating unhappiness and pain, the pain that inhibits all intentions to get healthy again, the lack of time to do all the things, hence contributing to further frustration and pain.

I’ve also had 15 years of life.  I’ve seen my own body change in good times and bad, survived parental sickness and loss, and found the ultimate solution to deal with all of it on my yoga mat.

I chose an integrative path to practicing Physical Therapy so that I can help you see yourself as the whole, complete, and perfect person that you already are and facilitate true healing.

I want to help you break free.  I don’t want you to be trapped in a confusing medical system, but if you are already in that place, let me help you find the quickest path back to physical freedom so you don’t feel stuck anymore.

I am passionate about the work I do.  As a Doctor of Physical Therapy,  diving into figuring out all the idiosyncrasies of someone’s body is somewhat of a thrilling chase, and facilitating healing and physical transformation is rewarding work.


I am, these days, first and foremost a mom.  I want…need more freedom of time, but also more financial freedom to support the lifestyle I want for my kids.

I am also a much more integrative practitioner, but am limited in the knowledge I can share by the current health care insurance model.

And so I turned to offer a concierge model of care.

I stepped away from traditional clinical practice to build my own model of private practice.

Today I am proud to be offering my clients top-notch and full-spectrum concierge service.  From acute traditional physical therapy, to preventative wellness through nutrition coaching and, my signature secret weapon, yoga.

Yoga has been a tool that makes magic things happen.  And yes, I said “magic.”  I’ve experienced it, and I’ve watched my clients experience it.  You may think I’m a little woo-woo, but everything I believe in is backed either by science, personal experience, or both.

Yoga brings “fountain of youth” type of results. I am not exaggerating when I say that I have seen this practice dramatically change lives. And while it does wonderful, straight-up amazing things for your muscles and alignment, it does miraculous things to your mind.

Strength of mind leads to dozens of other wonderful things: a balanced body, a strong will, a deeper ability to observe, and a commitment to bringing in good things and easily letting go of the bad. When our mind is strong, we make better choices.  When our body is calm, it performs better.

So that’s me in a nutshell…I believe stress and sugar are the two biggest evils to conquer in this world, and I use yoga as my prime vehicle for change.  As for you…the body shaming stops here.  I’m here to help you rebuild a better connection with yourself, so let’s get started!

You’ll find health and therapeutic exercise tips here on my blog, the gateway to a more consistent, body-balancing integrative yoga practices in my private online membership, The Yoga Suites , and if you’re in need of more in-depth coaching to guide your body next level, we can do that through my private concierge wellness service.  Learn more here.

I also have a fun and free Balanced Body Yoga challenge that you can use to both identify and manage your strengths and imbalances, and therefore jumpstart your path back to greatness.

In the mean time I invite you to connect with me in my free online Facebook group, The Concierge Lounge.  I hang out there a lot servicing up free challenges, tips and advice, and personal connections.

Here’s to your good health and a long life of physical freedom!


Patty saved me from surgery! I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease at my C-level spine and my neurologist was going to perform a spinal fusion, but referred me to Patty as a “last resort” prior to surgery. Patty was extremely professional, knowledgable and basically saved me from surgery. She took the time to explain why we were doing and gave me a roadmap for outside of our sessions at at home exercises. To this day, I can contact her for any questions or concerns. I HIGHLY recommend Patty!

Patti B

VP at Robertson Ryan & Associates

I love the flexibility of The Yoga Suites!  Whether I need a good stretch after a gym workout, a focused workout for hips after a run or a simple relaxation routine to end my day, Patricia offers it all in The Yoga Suites. Her approach to wellness is simple and supportive. Patricia brings the best of herself in The Yoga Suites, with knowledge in PT and yoga I always feel safe and relaxed with her workouts. The Yoga Suites also provides a great community, I love connecting with other busy moms who are trying their best to make self care a priority.  Thank you, Patrica for all you do!

Jennifer Zils

Owner , Kids Eat Vegetables

Patty has “treated” me twice a week for about 5 years.  I don’t know what I would do without her.  I am 85 and still very active …thanks to Patty.  We do various activities depending on what ails me…she is soooo well trained in a multiplicity of areas, which is perfect. I don’t need canes or wheelchairs, pain meds or more surgeries.  I am definitely a huge fan!


Matriarch, The Fotsch Foundation

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